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Advisory services for athletes and artists: in this area, our professionals have great experience particularly advising elite athletes on endorsement agreements with major brands and the assignment and exploitation of their image rights from a contractual perspective with special emphasis on protecting and preserving their personal brands, as well as from a tax perspective, which is essential in this field, particularly as concerns international taxation and personal taxation. We have also had the opportunity to advise artists on various contracts relating to their image rights.

Likewise, we are able to advise from a procedural and pre-procedural perspective on any situations of improper use of image rights, violations of the right to honor and privacy…

To this end, our professionals are aware of the special relationship required in such a field and always try to remain in contact with our clients in order to advise them on their day-to-day legal problems.

Finally, our multidisciplinary team is able to advise our clients in this area on any of their business or real estate investment projects.

Advisory services for federations and sports clubs: the management of sports federations, entities and clubs is not exempt of certain risks (business, economic, reputational, etc.) which require proper preventive planning with the implementation of compliance programs, whistleblowing channels and risk management.

Our professional team has proven experience designing and implementing them for this sector and can do so for all our clients.

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