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Family Law

Family Law Lawyers


At Prime Legal Abogados, our primary objective is for our clients to feel all their legal needs are covered and that includes technical advising but also personal accompaniment throughout the entire process. These attributes are essential in Family Law or Personal Law and even more so when dealing with such delicate issues.

We are well aware of the problems involved in any process that entails changes in one’s personal life and how difficult it can be to make decisions when immersed in a family crisis; therefore, we are committed to providing advice that involves a technical analysis of each situation from different areas and guiding our clients towards making the decisions that best meets their needs. To do so, we coordinate with the Procedural Civil Law Department as well as with all other areas of practice at Prime Legal Abogados.


Professionalism and trust

The specific services we offer in this field include:


Prenuptial agreements: After providing comprehensive advice on all the legal tools, these agreements make it possible to get ahead of any conflict by anticipating all the issues that may be caused by a family crisis and coming to agreement in advance in terms of each party’s obligations upon a separation in order to avoid undesirable effects.

Marriage contracts: They allow for a voluntary choice of a marital asset system. This is of great importance as, in the event of a divorce, the settlement may be more or less harmful depending on the marital asset system chosen.


The situation is always analyzed before offering the proper advice aimed at finding all possible solutions to prevent contentious court conflicts. Clients are oriented in each case and attempts are made at negotiation to bring views closer together to the extent possible which is even more important in procedures involving minors. If consensus is not possible and the process leads to court, we provide full assistance throughout the litigation.

Separation/Divorce or dissolution of couples: Procedures deriving from a marital or couple crisis that may take two different paths:

(a) Mutual agreement

Advice on the negotiations to establish the covenants to be set forth in the settlement agreement with the completion of the pertinent Court proceedings in order to have such covenants recognized on:

1. The guardianship and custody of minor children (individual or shared) as well as the exercise of parental authority

2. The system enabling the children to communicate with and stay with their parents

3. Child support for minors and dependent adult children

4. The use of the marital or family home

5. Spousal support, compensation and indemnities

6. Actions for partition (when there are homes co-owned by both spouses)

(b) Contested

If no amicable agreement satisfying the client’s interests is possible, we will proceed with the contentious phase in which the matter is decided by the Court.

Prime Legal Abogados offers advising and representation in Court aimed at achieving the measures inherent to any marital crisis as listed above.

• Liquidation of marital assets

• Actions for partition when fixed property is co-owned by the two spouses

• Couples’ dissolution with the adoption of measures regarding minors inherent to the break-up

• Family alimony

• Modifications of Courts’ orders: this process can be done by mutual agreement or contested in Court; it occurs when there is a change in the circumstances considered when issuing the rulings aiming to be modified

• Paternity claims or challenges

• The determination of filiation for minors born abroad through surrogacy

• Procedures for unprotected minors (General Directorate for Child and Adolescent Care)

• Procedures relating to disabled children and the appointment of guardians

• Enforcements of orders following a breach of an obligation (non-payment of child support or visitation breaches, among others)

• Voluntary jurisdiction proceedings: these types of proceedings include various matters that range from divorce/separation without minor children, controversies relating to the exercise of parental authority, court authorization by a guardian to dispose of fixed property owned by an incapacitated person, among others

The Family Law Department listens to the problems raised by the client and then provides advice in response to meet their needs through the various procedures involved with this area of action.

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