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Hospitality industry


Our professional lawyers specialized in the hospitality industry have in-depth knowledge of this environment based on their extensive experience in recurrent advisory services as well as in corporate acquisitions within this sector. Thus, our advising in this field covers two large areas:

(a) Comprehensive advising on business set-up and day-to-day operations, particularly with the following services:

– Incorporation of the company and recurrent business advising

– Processing and obtaining the necessary permits and licenses

– Environmental advising

– Acquisition of assets (fixed property…)

– Recurrent tax advising whether for the business set-up or compliance with general tax obligations

– Recurrent labor advising whether with regard to hiring workers or general compliance with labor-related obligations

– Legal and tax advising on restructuring operations

– Legal and tax advising on business internationalization processes in coordination with our network of international firms of trust

– Designing and implementing compliance programs

– Analyzing, drafting and negotiating contracts inherent to the hospitality industry (service provision, leases…)

– Civil and criminal procedural issues in any dispute

– Legal and tax advising on financing transactions

– Assistance with grant applications

– And much more

(b) Advising on acquisitions and/or joint ventures:

– Planning operations from the tax and legal perspectives

– Comprehensive due diligence on the company or business targeted by the acquisition from a legal, compliance and reputational perspective

– Advice on preparing purchase agreements (SPA, BPA…) from the buyer’s or seller’s perspective

– Advice on collaboration projects (the incorporation of the vehicle, the preparation and negotiation of the shareholders’ agreements…)

– Business advising on the execution of the transaction

– And much more

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