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Our experience allows us to offer services that are especially adapted to start ups and their needs as we help new business owners analyze their business feasibility from a legal perspective, accompanying them in each of the project phases and in their relations with other sector players. To this end and in addition to our legal services in new technologies, intellectual property and data protection, we have first-rate experts who can offer all the complementary services adapted to the unique needs of start ups, particularly in the following areas:

(a) Corporate and contractual: counsel for setting up the corresponding corporate vehicle, drafting articles of association, shareholders’ agreements, negotiations with private equity and investment funds, due diligence processes, financing rounds…

(b) Asset protection protocols: startups are generally based on the implementation of a breakthrough business model which requires proper protection from the very beginning to ensure owners receive all the economic benefits from their ideas. To this end, we guide them through all phases of the process in order to achieve the greatest possible protection in each case in a practical manner and in accordance with each owner’s specific needs.

(c) Commercial contracts required to develop the business: besides technology-related contracts, startups often need to formalize commercial contracts to promote their business or distribute their products depending on their business model. We have first-rate specialists in commercial contracts who can meet practically any legal need our clients may have (distribution, agency, franchise, outsourcing and other agreements).

(d) Legal advising on day-to-day operations: besides their specific characteristics, just like other companies, startups may require advising on many different practical legal matters related to labor, tax, real estate, administrative or other fields of law. We work with first-rate specialists in all of these areas and can handle everything from the simplest to the most complex issue based on the client’s needs.

We are well aware of the risks involved with launching a startup, especially the uncertainty felt in the initial phase. That’s why all issues are handled by lawyers with extensive specific experience in this field as the priority is offering practical and effective advising that is appropriate for the owner’s needs at each stage of growth. Furthermore, our involvement in the eco-system means we can rely on contacts with sector players (funds, investors, financial advisors, developers…) and are always happy to make them available to our clients to facilitate their demanding business adventure at any time.

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