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Prime Legal Abogados is the result of a long and, well-thought-out process of development, the essential aim of which from the very beginning has been the constitution of an experienced, multi-disciplinary team committed to providing our clients with the best possible service in the best possible conditions.

The PLA team has the privilege of combining extensive experience at great national and international firms with solid careers as independent legal specialists in our respective fields of practice. Thus, we have all internalized a constant search for legal excellence as the only possible route in our professional lives oriented towards finding the best practical solutions for our clients all while offering them the much-needed closeness and availability they deserve.

We want to be a truly modern firm without such modernity simply being synonymous to technology and marketing. In fact, we aim to get back to the essence of our profession: creating real relationships of trust with our clients that are solid and long-lasting as we believe it’s the only way to achieve the best results on their behalf. To do so, we obviously depend on the new technologies in which we are proficient; but, above all, we believe it is fundamental to offer new approaches adapted to the risks of today’s society all while trying to anticipate any future problems at all times so as to provide them with the best treatment possible in a view to protecting our clients from undesirable and avoidable legal vicissitudes.

Barcelona, the city we deeply love, is our birthplace yet our concerns travel much further beyond. We want and can accompany our clients whenever necessary with their projects anywhere in Spain directly as well as internationally relying exclusively on our network of trustworthy legal firms. What’s more, we put our best efforts into facilitating the implementation of our international clients’ projects in Spain aiming for success with the greatest of guarantees possible.

This is not simply a declaration of intent but rather the firm and irrevocable commitment all of the professionals at PLA undertake towards ourselves as well as towards our clients and society at large.

Barcelona, 1 September 2021.


Why do clients choose us?

Because we persistently work to provide them with solutions that are adapted to their actual problems based on a rigorous and continuous study of the law and jurisprudence.

Because we’re always right there with our clients, willing to help them. Because our commitment to their success is absolute.